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PALO pre-designed and engineered ADUs
save you time and money

We offer turnkey design-build and custom designed solutions for making the most out of your backyard.
Choose from one of our existing plans to reduce soft costs and permitting time by up to 50%.
All-in costs for our design-build packages range from $190 to 360k. Plans start at $10k.
Designs range from tight footprint studios to 1,150 SF 2BR/1.5BA homes.

Principles of Good ADU Design

1. Design for energy efficiency: PALO routinely exceeds efficiency requirements.
2. Be a good neighbor: PALO considers openings thoughtfully for views, natural light, ventilation and privacy.
3. Create spaces of calm: PALO limits the impact of urban density on quality of life by designing for noise reduction.
4. Design for today and tomorrow: ADUs can have many lives if designed with flexibility in mind.
5. Design for climate: As architects and landscape architects PALO makes the most of exterior space and the relationship between your home and ADU.

How We Work

Opt 1: Loft over Garage

A design that minimizes footprint, but maximizes space. 
A 590 SF double height studio loft over a 2-car garage with its own 55 SF deck and entry.
This ADU option can be built over an existing garage or a brand new one.

Opt 2: Second Home

1,150 SF 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom open loft style or 2 BR 2-story home with an optional 300 SF garage/outdoor living space.

Opt 3: Master Suites

2 lofted rooms with attached full baths provide a variety of ways to use the space
from renting and/or personal use as an art studio plus bedroom.
An optional 270 SF of loft space gets even more value out of this tight footprint, maximum effect design.
Indoor and outdoor living are the focus of this design, with an outdoor dining space and a 75 SF deck.

Don’t see something you like?

Contact us to discuss custom options.

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