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By luxury we mean generosity
Urban living must provide luxury for all classes and levels of density. By luxury we mean a generosity of space not objects. Consumerism creates a distribution of products that ultimately ends in the closet or storage unit that is unsustainable and does not enrich life. Those objects that we choose to retain (that don’t choose us) shall form a part of our homes where their presence stores and creates new memories.

By boutique we mean virtuous
We cross disciplines to instill meaning and add value to each and every project regardless of scale. We maintain an active dialogue between industry and academia to position ourselves on the front end of emerging technologies and stakeholder perspectives. And ultimately we design with good taste, long lasting materials and timelessness. We are boutique by principle.

By urban we mean retreat
The stimuli of contemporary urban life is overwhelming if left unchecked. As a result we craft spaces that allow one to withdraw at one moment yet to fully engage at others. This strategy anticipates changes in desires, technology and economy overtime and most importantly encourages the timeless desire for freedom.
We design places for doing nothing, yet everything.

By freedom we mean movement
We are simultaneously city and country. While the city offers a multitude of choices, it lacks the horizontal freedom of movement typical of the country. We seek increased horizontality in the city from the scale of the apartment to the sidewalk and beyond.
Our views of nature are strongly linked to the mythical imagination of their place; for us that is California and the west. We prefer to experience the world through walking and endeavor to create ambulatory landscapes and architecture reflective of transforming modalities. We design aspiring to golden openness, amiable tranquility and refined sensory experience.

By Californian we mean globally informed

We’re not about ultra elegant specific design that leaves little room for flexibility and play. We prioritize flexibility of space and function for a changing world and shifting desires. We refine that carefully and find small moments of play that open up new interpretations inspired and informed by wordly desires.

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