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No Shoes Required: Sifting Sand Scapes, Drifting Dream Dunes
Miami, FL
With Nelson Byun, Yufan Gao & See Jia Ho

The project is a continuously changing landscape that figures DesignMiami/ as both a temporal event and a lasting institution. Parametrically tuned tubes of various diameters couple with a timekeeping device over 2000 years old, the hourglass, to produce a generative landscape that changes throughout the day and the event in both size and color.

The use of different colored sand calls to the rich colors and warm beaches of Miami. Sand is both a sign of leisure and of resilience. The sandbag is re-appropriated for seating revealing new uses for a simple yet crucial component of Miami’s hurricane season. The sand above falls to the white concrete surface at different speeds resulting in a ground plan of subtly random, yet uniform dunes. A crane, a Miami fixture, suspends ‘the sandbox’ in a form reminiscent of the adjacent tents.

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