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New Urban Living: Creating Everyday Possibilities

Strelka Competition
Urban Prototypes for Medium Density Living
2 acre block
With Marcos Garcia-Rojo of A U S, Nathalie Legard & Deiene Gonzalez

The city is an open, active framework that provides a vast variety of living conditions. The exceptional, the unexpected, the desirable — these elements can begin inside one’s own apartment, in the most individual and private space. The process of urbanization can therefore be reversed at home: the city is not master-planned from a detached, overall, far-away perspective anymore. Instead, it is built upon the iteration and assemblage of individual qualities, repeated one, ten, millions of times. The resulting fabric is not made of vehicular and pedestrianized streets nor blocks and inner courtyards. The city is a subject of relations, adjacencies and shared pleasures that extends evenly without borders nor limits. It is about creating symbiotic relations, multiplying possibilities. The spaces superimpose, they add on to each other, they articulate and they collide with a very high degree of precision. The city is made and built from life’s instances, precise moments in time and space, fragments organized sequentially.

The city — neighborhood, the block, the building — are conceived as an available source of possible situations, a reserve of square meters that can be multiplied, layered and stacked accordingly.

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