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Open to the Sea   

La Jolla, CA
Single Family Home
AIASD Merit Award
Project Cost: $5.5M
4,000 SF interior, 2,800 SF exterior
Designed with Jorge Ozorno

The Romero House in La Jolla taps into the beauty and lifestyle of the Pacific. On all levels a connection to the outside and the views beyond are emphasized. The home extends interior living quarters to the exterior along a steeply sloping site that provoke a strong sense of perching. Primary spaces open to views of the Pacific Ocean. At the ground level, the living spaces open onto the pool and exterior deck. The upper floors continue this condition through a series of roof decks of various degrees of privacy.

Currently, an addition including 1,300 SF of master suite & expanded walk-in closet as well as 1,350 SF of additional roof deck is under construction. A crafty use of existing code regulations allowed for the permitting of the addition without Coastal Commission oversight.

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