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a+t , Serie SOLID: Design Techniques

With Hayrettin Günç
“The City From and By Housing,” work published alongside the work of Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal, pp. 58-59, v. 45

There is no better time than today for living in urban environments. A freedom of choice unlike any other period in time couples with relatively safe, comfortable and exciting conditions. Yet, this palette of current conditions creates periods of overwhelming stimuli, leaving us without the ability to fully experience our environments or even withdraw from them.

A Place for Doing Nothing Yet Everything redefines urban living as a place that simultaneously maintains this freedom of choice while permitting inhabitants to retreat. Rather than automatically highlighting freedom of choice, we ask questions of desires, nuance and relations. It’s not a situation of black and white. It’s not a total embrace or a self-inflicted isolation. It is gradients, it is shades of responding to the city that we seek. Through this approach we offer additional freedom to the urban inhabitant.

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