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Thermodynamic Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA
Published in Platform 7: Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Inspired by Charles Jencks’ critique of Reynar Banham’s The Architecture of Four Ecologies lack of ecology, a Thermodynamic Ecology for Los Angeles is established. Using sensors and an Arduino microcontroller, field research collected microclimate data while macroclimatic and weather phenomena research occurred in studio.

As a static representation weather & climate fail to encompass the thermodynamic exchanges that take place in our daily lives. As Baudrillard would say, it is a simulacra. L.A.’s weather image is continually constructed. In a climate where nearly everything can grow with water, the effect of individual desires on the climate has been immense. From valley Edens in Elysian Valley to walls of privets in Beverly Hills the dreams and images of each homeowner supplant the climate of Los Angeles, creating a richness of microclimates. The study brings light to the deviations that make the city unique for each person.

PDF Book:

73 pages on climatic phenomena of southern California. Data visualization from field research of microclimate conditions in the form of a video and a series of maps and graphs.

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